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Sofia Zoo Expo fair, Bulgaria 2024

On November 24-26, we took part in the Sofia Zoo Expo, the largest zoology event in Bulgaria.

During the fair, we presented our products together with our trading partner in Bulgaria, Amazonia. Customers could take a closer look at the products of our renowned brands, such as Lolo Pets and Lolo Pets Classic, dedicated to rodents, rabbits and dogs.

Lolo Pets' healthy snacks from the Bloomy line, created especially for rodents, rabbits and birds, were particularly popular. Their unique compositions, based on natural ingredients, have gained recognition among animal lovers who pay attention to the health and well-being of their pets.

During the fair and conversations with our representative, customers also drew attention to the new packaging layout of Lolo Pets Classic products. The brand gains a more modern and consistent look. Soon all products will be available in new packaging, and we will surprise customers with delicious new products for dogs.

Our presence at Sofia Zoo Expo 2023 was a unique opportunity for us to engage in the growing pet market in Bulgaria. We see how this industry is dynamically evolving, which confirms our belief that our products are a response to the growing expectations of customers related to the well-being and health of their animals.


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