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Report from the DIBEVO TRADE FAIR fair in the Netherlands

From October 8 to 9, 2023, we took part in the largest Dutch pet fair, DIBEVO TRADE FAIR 2023.

Visitors to our stand in Rijswijk had an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with our new products from the Vitapol, Lolo Pets, Lolo Pets Classic, Family First and Garden & Fun brands. Vitapol products from the Vita herbal line for rodents and rabbits aroused great interest, especially lunch bowls, which are an excellent delicacy with herbs, full of valuable elements. An additional advantage of Vitapol lunch bowls is the edible bowl and biodegradability.

Our trading partners from the Netherlands and Belgium devoted a lot of their attention to our hay tunnels (Vita herbal), cookies for parrots (Vita line) and attractive donations and cakes for dogs (Lolo Pets Classic).

The two-day DIBEVO TRADE FAIR fair resulted in acquiring new contractors and strengthening relationships with existing trading partners.

The great interest in our stand can also be proven by the fact that we were visited by the envoy of the Polish Embassy in the Netherlands, who was very impressed by the quality, diversity and innovation of our products for pets.

Photo: own and The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH)


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