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  • How to add a new question and answer?
    To add a new FAQ, follow these steps: Click the "Manage FAQ" button On the dashboard, click "Add New" and then select "Question and Answer Each new question and answer should be assigned to a category Save and publish You can always edit the FAQ, reorder it, and select other categories.
  • Can rabbits and rodents eat grain?
    In the case of omnivorous rodents, i.e. hamster, mouse, rat or gerbil, the answer is very simple. Yes, their diet should include a variety of grains and seeds. The matter is more complicated in the case of herbivorous rodents such as guinea pig, chinchilla or rabbit. The basis of the diet of this group of animals should be high-quality hay, fed without restrictions, and various types of properly selected herbs, and the whole supplemented only with specialized mixtures. Remember to look for rabbit food with the highest fiber content, i.e. fiber, and a lower protein content (but not less than 10%). These mixtures may contain a small amount of cereals. They are not poisonous to them, they only provide a lot of energy, so they are caloric. If we do not strictly observe the amount of food given, we do not provide free range, and therefore exercise for our pet, let's choose grain-free food.
  • How do I edit or remove the "FAQ" title?
    You can edit the title in Application Settings. If you don't want the title to be displayed, simply disable the title under "Information to display".
  • What is the difference between Puffingers and Extrimo?
    Puffingers and Extrimo are high premium foods offered by the Lolo Pets brand. What differentiates these two product lines is the type of raw material found inside. The Puffingers line of foods are 100% extruded complete foods, each piece of which contains the same mix of ingredients ideally suited to the nutritional physiology of each animal species. The foods for herbivorous rodents and rabbits do not contain cereals. However, they are rich in long, crude fibers necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive system of these animals. With the addition of tasty vegetables and fruits to supplement the daily diet with vitamins and minerals. Excellent food for omnivorous animals (hamster, gerbil, rat, mouse) with the addition of protein of animal origin (poultry, salmon) and the right amount of cereals providing vitality and energy. The addition of herbs, vegetables and fruits provides comprehensive nutrition and proper digestion. The recipes of the Extrimo food line are mainly based on extradited ingredients with high digestibility and bioavailability, but the mixture is additionally supplemented with dried vegetables, fruits and herbs for even better attractiveness and at the same time providing natural vitamins and minerals.
  • Which pet food is the best?
    The Lolo Pets brand offers a wide range of product lines, among which even the most demanding pet will find something suitable for itself. The most popular foods for rodents and rabbits are the Puffingers and Extrimo food lines, which are supplemented with our bestseller in the form of Bloomy hay. 100% natural mixtures of herbs, vegetables and fruits are perfect as additions to hay and feed, allowing the owner to compose meals according to the preferences of his pet. For birds, the currently most recommended line of feeds is the Premium line, as well as Bloomy, which offers healthy snacks.
  • Do Lolo Pets products have quality certificates?
    The production company of the Lolo Pets brand has been operating for many years based on Quality Management Systems according to the ISO 9001 (allowing you to manage the entire organization through the prism of maintaining Quality) and ISO 22000 (emphasizing product safety). The successful certification process and annual audits are the result of the company's commitment to continuous improvement of the quality and safety of products and services, as well as striving to meet customer requirements. We guarantee that the products and services we offer are of high quality, and customer satisfaction is our priority. The company is under strict control of the veterinary inspection. Each supplier of materials used in the production of pet food is also subject to veterinary control and has implemented HACCP. Once a year, P.W. HOBBY Piotr Matuszewski commissions an ethical audit to confirm that employees are treated fairly and have decent and safe working conditions.
  • Do you have products for dogs and cats?
    Lolo Pets offers products for small pets, such as rodents, rabbits and birds. We recommend high-quality wet food for dogs and cats from Family First. Dog owners will probably also be interested in the offer of the Lolo Pets Classic brand, which has unique snacks, baked occasional cakes, drops and cookies.
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