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Smakers is an excellent form of supplementary food, but it can also be an equivalent of complete loose food. The offer includes a wide range of flavor variants so that everyone can find the perfect Smakers for their rabbit, rodent or bird. 

manual production

The production of Smakers is 80% handmade. The production process is controlled at every stage by the Quality Control Department.

natural ingredients

Our Smakers are based on high-quality ingredients that are natural food for animals in their living environment. 


The drying process is unique on the market. Our Smakers are dried at a temperature not exceeding 65 ºC, and not baked, which ensures a greater degree of preservation of the nutritional value of the ingredients (fruits, vegetables, herbs).

packing in a protective atmosphere

Smakers is packed tightly using a protective atmosphere, which guarantees a 2-year shelf life.

over 100 flavors

We focus on variety - our offer includes over 100 flavors of Smakers to meet the tastes of each of your pets.

hybrid pendant

The hybrid type pendant allows you to hang Smakers to e.g. a cage in both vertical and horizontal position. 

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