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Extrimo food for cavia, 750 g

Extrimo food for cavia, 750 g

Expert in the nutrition of cavia is a complete food mainly composed of ingredients subjected to the extrusion process, thanks to which all valuable nutrients are even more available and assimilable by the body. This food is supplemented with fruit and vegetables subjected to natural drying processes to ensure the availability of natural vitamins, improving the taste and appetite of animals. Recipe without whole cereal grains and with a high proportion of crude fiber to ensure proper bowel function. Extruded ingredients developed according to the nutritional needs of herbivorous rodents. Enriched with vitamins and minerals, including, mainly, a higher content of vitamin C to prevent the effects of its deficiency. Enriched with dried vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, including natural vitamin C. With timothy and herbs for better digestion and palatability. The addition of alfalfa provides access to valuable proteins. Long fibers care for and care for the grinding process of the incisors.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: timothy, alfalfa, soybean hulls, oat hulls, sunflower seed expeller, barley, wheat, wheat bran, maize, maize starch, maize flakes, pea flakes, dried carrot, dried beetroot, dried parsnip, dried apple ( 1%), roasted wheat, dried pepper (0.5%), dried red currant (0.5%), dried marigold flower (0.5%), potato starch, sunflower oil, beet pulp, apple pulp, herbs ( basil, rosemary, peppermint, thyme), calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, yucca. Nutritional additives: vitamins/kg: vitamin A (E672) 12,240 IU, vitamin D3 (E671) 1,104 IU, vitamin E (E307) 67.8 mg, vitamin C 420 mg. Trace element mixtures/kg: iron (E1) 15.1 mg, copper (E4) 3.8 mg, zinc (E6) 57.78 mg, manganese (E5) 7.6 mg, iodine (E2) 1.29 mg, selenium (E8) 0.08 mg. Technological additives: sepiolite (E562) 0.61 g/kg; preservatives and antioxidants. Analytical components: crude protein (Kjeldahl test) min. 10.6%, crude fat min. 1.1%, crude fiber max. 14.8%, raw ash max. 6.4%, humidity max. 12%.

  • Feeding recommendations

    The recommended daily portion of food is 35-50 g, depending on the weight and age of the animal. Vitamin C content decreases with time.

  • Weight

    750 g

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