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Premium food for rabbits, 900 g

Premium food for rabbits, 900 g

A complete mixture for rabbits, properly balanced, in which cereals have been completely replaced by various types of granulates and vitaminized extrudates intended especially for this group of animals. Their diversity provides access to a wide range of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The wide composition includes the best quality vegetables.
  • Ingredients

    Alfalfa meal, cereal preparations, wheat, carob, cinnamon bark, cranberry, linseed meal, sunflower seed meal, wheat flour, corn flour, corn flakes, pea flakes, Jerusalem artichoke, dried willow bark, dried beetroot , dried parsnip, celery root, oat plants, dried alfalfa, linden twigs, dill, fodder yeast, calcium carbonate, corn starch.

  • Feeding recommendations

    Feed 20-25 g of food per day, depending on the weight and age of the animal.

  • Weight

    900 g

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