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Foody Premium food for big parrots, 900 g

Foody Premium food for big parrots, 900 g

The recipe of this perfectly balanced mixture was developed for large parrots in order to provide them with exceptionally tasty food, which at the same time provides all the necessary ingredients that support the health and proper functioning of the birds' organisms. . Composed of a diverse range of seeds and cereals with the addition of parrot delicacies: pumpkin seeds, rosehips, dried chilli peppers, which are a delicacy for parrots. Nuts are a good source of protein, minerals and healthy fats. Mung beans contain a lot of valuable protein whose amino acids affect the formation of feathers and their healthy appearance. It is also a rich source of fibre, vitamins and mineral salts.

  • Ingredients

    Complete feed mixture. Ingredients: white sunflower seeds, striped sunflower seeds (15%), Mung beans (11%), red sorghum, corn flour, white sorghum (5%), pumpkin seeds, dried carrots (3.5%), dried beetroot (3 .5%), peeled peanut (3%), bean flakes, corn flakes (3%), dried rosehip (3%), dried hawthorn fruit, pea flakes, dried banana (1.5%), grain flour wheat, safflower seed, hemp seed, peanut, dried chili pepper (1%). Additives: sensory additives: dyes. Analytical components: crude protein (Kjeldahl test) min. 13.2%, crude fat min. 14.7%, crude fiber max. 13.98%, raw ash max. 3.51%, humidity max. 12%.

  • Feeding recommendations

    Keep pans full at all times, ensure clean and fresh drinking water is available at all times. The amount of food eaten by birds usually corresponds to 20% of their body weight.

  • Weight

    900 g

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