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Foody Life for hamsters and rabbits, 1.8 kg

Foody Life for hamsters and rabbits, 1.8 kg

Complementary mixture for hamsters and rabbits. It is a mixture of the best quality cereals and seeds as well as vitaminized granules enriched with a large amount of fruit providing natural vitamins, minerals and pectins. Fruits include apple, banana, raisin, coconut and cranberry. An easily digestible apple is rich in many vitamins such as C, A, B1, B2, PP and B3 as well as minerals, mainly potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium and iron. Potassium increases muscle tone, while iron, as a component of hemoglobin, affects oxygenation of the body. Cranberries have antibacterial and antifungal properties.

  • Ingredients

    Wheat, wheat bran, sunflower seed meal, alfalfa meal, carob (5%), banana (3%), wheat flakes, maize flour, raisins (2.5%), dried papaya (2.5%) %), peeled peanut (2.5%), rowan fruit, dried apple, cornflakes, cranberry (1.5%), blackthorn, red juniper fruit, linseed, molasses dried beet pulp, coconut (1%) ), rice flour, oats, calcium carbonate, carotene. Analytical components: crude protein (Kjeldahl test) min. 9.9%, crude fat min. 2.7%, crude fiber max. 9.1%, raw ash max. 4.1%, humidity max. 12%.

  • Feeding recommendations

    Serve as a treat to supplement the main food.

  • Weight

    1,8 kg

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