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Bloomy Flower snack for parrots and exotic birds 50g

Bloomy Flower snack for parrots and exotic birds 50g

The fragrant flower mixture is a rich source of fiber and a valuable source of natural vitamins, minerals and pectins. It contains many natural, fully developed and best quality flowers. Hibiscus flowers are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids, support the body's immunity. Sunflower petals regulate digestion, and tasty rose petals vitaminize and strengthen.
  • Ingredients

    Complementary feed material. Ingredients: dried hibiscus flower (52%), dried chamomile flower, dried marigold flower (11%), dried rose petals, dried sunflower petals. Analytical constituents: crude protein (Kjeldahl met. mark) min. 9.2%, crude fat min. 1.3%, crude fiber max. 12.1%, raw ash max. 11.2%, phosphorus min. 0%, phosphorus max. 0.52%, calcium min. 0.53%, calcium max. 1.43%, humidity max. 13.5%.

  • Feeding recommendations

    Serve as a treat or reward. The treat should not exceed 20% of the pet's total daily food intake. Ensure constant access to fresh water.

  • Weight

    50 g

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