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Lime smakers for birds, natural, 2 pcs./135 g

Lime smakers for birds, natural, 2 pcs./135 g

A mineral supplement to your daily diet with the mineral calcium that is essential for proper development, growth and life. It is responsible from the first days of life for the proper growth of bones, beak and other structures that require the presence of calcium. Prevents rickets. Now in the form of a lime Smakers that fits perfectly into any cage.

  • Ingredients

    Mineral feed material. Ingredients: 100% calcium carbonate. Content of analytical components: calcium (Ca) min. 36.3%, calcium (Ca) max. 40.8%, phosphorus (P) min. 0.01%, sodium (Na) min. 0.01%, sodium (Na) max 0.61%.

  • Feeding recommendations

    Serve as a mineral feed supplementing the diet of animals with calcium.

  • Weight

    135 g

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