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Bloomy Chili pepper for parrots and exotic birds 40 g

Bloomy Chili pepper for parrots and exotic birds 40 g

Chili peppers are a real treat for many parrots. Chilli peppers are rich in vitamin A, which helps with tissue growth and repair, as well as good vision and hearing. Eating chillies also helps in improving the quality, color and luster of bird feathers. Peppers contain many health-promoting and disease-preventing properties. Their main active ingredient is capsaicin, which has anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, LDL-cholesterol-lowering properties, increases blood flow and delivers euphoric endorphins to the bloodstream, improving the parrot's well-being. It also has astringent and anti-irritant properties, and is a natural digestive aid.

  • Ingredients

    Complementary feed material. Ingredients: dried chilli peppers. Analytical components: crude protein (Kjeldahl test) min. 13.3%, crude fat min. 7.2%, crude fiber max. 30.6%, raw ash max. 5.82%, phosphorus min. 0%, phosphorus max. 0.55%, calcium min. 0%, calcium max. 0.679%, humidity max. 12%

  • Feeding recommendations

    Serve as a treat or reward. The treat should not exceed 20% of the pet's total daily food intake. Ensure constant access to fresh water.

  • Weight

    40 g

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